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2015 will mark the start of a new era. It is with both excitement and joy that we announce that 2015 will see the return of the Gender Blender event.

We at The Ultimate Experience hope you will help us spread the word and make sure that everyone across the ultimate-playing world, is aware that if Gender Blender was on their bucket list of tournaments to go to, they now have another chance.

The event will be taking place in from June 5th – June 7th, 2015. Mark them on your calendar!

Gender Blender is one of the top 10 tournaments you have to attend at least once in your life and is considered an event unlike any other. We are looking forward to once again hosting this one-of-a-kind event which includes two nights of partying, talent contests, competitions, unbeatable memories, and oh yes… an ultimate tournament!

Gather up your friends, spread the word and put in a bid for the tourney! Gender Blender will be accepting up to 56 teams to the final event, as well as an independent weekend-long Cups tournament. As this is the final year, we are going big with the biggest Blender ever planned! That said, demand is higher than ever so we will be reviewing each bid and take only the best bids we see. There will be a special handpicked ‘legacy’ division this year, specially created to allow for reunion teams in the hope that many participants of Gender Blender’s past will come back and help celebrate this final event! So the sooner you get your bid in, the higher the odds that you will be one of the lucky teams to earn a spot at this year’s Gender Blender.

Want to know who’s currently signed up for Gender Blender 2015? Check out our current list of submissions!

Message from the Tourney Director

Gender Blender truly a one-of-a-kind tourney. I’ve heard it said that until you actually experience the madness of the Friday night Blender Party, see the All-Star Game, eat the catered meals, take part in the Talent Contest, or even win the coveted Spirit trophy… you really can’t understand how rare and exceptional it is.

I hope you’ll come to this tourney and experience it for yourself. Or if you’ve been before spread the word around the world

We look forward to seeing you in Fergus!

— Blue

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