Over The Counter Sleep Aid

Over The Counter Sleep Aid is good night’s sleep is essential for recharging our bodies. But do you have trouble sleeping at night?

If your sleep schedule is not maintained properly, your health will deteriorate with poor sleep quality.

A healthy individual needs seven to nine hours of sleep at night to remain healthy. Millions of people around the globe seek treatment for sleep disorders as they cannot fall asleep, or have other sleep problems.

Those who do not get a good night’s sleep often face other issues like daytime drowsiness, which often hinders their daily lifestyle.

The circadian rhythm or sleep-wake cycle regulates and preps the body for changes throughout the 24 hours as the day and night occur.

It is a bio-mechanism that decides when you remain awake and fall asleep.

But, if your body develops certain circadian rhythm sleep disorders, the whole cycle is disrupted, and you may struggle to get normal sleep at night.

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